Natural treatments of existing conditions by use of natural products promotes better health and faster healing...

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Use of natural products such as shampoos and bug repellent reduce the harmful effects toxins can have on your pet. Flea and tick treatments may contain toxins that affect people as well as pets, whereas natural treatments avoid these risks. Also, natural products break down and are absorbed into the environment better than chemical agents and, consequently, are more earth friendly!


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Keep Off

The all natural flea, tick and mosquito repellant for dogs.


Our private blend of natural essential oils, when mixed with water they become stronger, but safe to use, even on puppies. Jhettdog has been manufacturing Keep Off for over seven years with great satisfaction. Many of our customers spray it on themselves while taking their dogs on a walk.


Zika virus is still in our country. Keep mosquitoes and the Zika virus away from you and your family the all natural way that works!



Keep Off Vial

The all natural flea, tick and mosquito repellant for dogs.


$10.00 per Vial makes 16oz

Joey Juice

The all natural ear, hot spot, and minor wound treatment for dogs.


Directions for Joey Juice:

For Ears: Fill the ear canal so that you see the Joey Juice right at the top of the inside of the ear. Massage gently for approximately 30 seconds. Have plenty of paper towels handy so you can absorb any  excess liquid that comes out of the ear. Next fill the ear canal again but this time do not massage the ear. Absorb excess with paper towels. Your dog may shake its head several times so be carefulwhere you administer Joey Juice it can stain.


For Hot Spots: Cleanse the effected area. Such as hair or any weeping debris. Pat or let air dry, next apply Joey Juice to the area of concern. Use twice daily for one week.


Joey Juice is intended for dogs. Jhettdog will not be held liable in any way for the misuse of this product. For the ears and skin applications only. Do not get into the eyes, or other mucus membranes.


$15.00 for a 4oz. bottle


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